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Our performance programs help employees and corporations stand out in today’s health challenges.

Paving the way towards a brighter corporate landscape, our programs are designed to deliver tangible benefits and value for:

For Corporates

Enhanced productivity and energy levels
Decrease absenteeism
Enhanced motivation and engagement
Happy and healthy workforce
Increased overall health and biomarkers

For Employees

Increased mental clarity
Reduced fatigue
Increased energy levels
Improved sleep
Optimized weight
Unlock a world of personalized wellness possibilities
11% higher revenue per employee and 28% greater shareholder returns

Program Features

Our evidence-based approach focuses on enhancing well-being and performance.

The a+ Team

We are proud to say our team  of experts in preventative medicine, committed to proactively promote health and wellness.

The A+ Team

Joelle is a functional medicine practitioner specializing in performance medicine. Her expertise lies in optimizing key performance drivers, such as hormonal health, gut health, energy levels, weight, and sleep. She works on optimizing these crucial aspects of health and well-being.

Joelle Wardeh, B.S.
Functional Nutritionist

Dr. Porras is a functional medicine doctor specializing in treating chronic diseases through lifestyle changes and preventive measures. With a proactive approach to prevention, he empowers individuals to achieve optimal well-being and vitality.

Fernando Porras, MD
Functional Medicine Doctor

Sana is a registered nurse and licensed health coach who provides unlimited support and motivation to help individuals achieve their target well-being goals.

Sana Banna, BSN, RN
RN, Operations, Health Coach

Mike is one of the most skilled registered nurses in the region providing care with flawless and painless interventions. Mike is also an expert in performance and preventative medicine.


Sami is an osteopath who specializes in providing "quick fixes" for pain and discomfort. With their expertise, Sami can effectively provide treatment in less than 20 minutes, offering relief to individuals seeking rapid pain management and alleviation of discomfort.

Sami Chehade, M.S
M.S.-Physiotherapist & Osteopath

Paying it forward

Yutopia collaborates with Ajyalouna and Cedars for Care to provide educational sponsroship to children who are less fortunate, aiming to make a positive impact on their lives.

“Yutopia saved my life! It allowed me to stay at my school where I belong and gave me a chance to continue towards a bright future where I can be an active member of society.”
“ I have triplets and after my husband died I struggled to afford their expenses. They were threatened to get expelled from school, you saved my family, no words can describe how much I appreciate what you did , thank you!’



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